TPF/GI is an interactive, client/server test tool with features that allow programmers to debug new and legacy TPF applications more productively than they can with any other product.

Its features include:
  • Client/server architecture
  • A state-of-the-art graphical user interface (GUI)
  • Seamless source-level debugging for C, C++, Assembler, and SabreTalk
  • Sophisticated mapped block editing
  • Watching and editing of expressions and variables
  • Macro and instruction trace
  • Automatic, intuitive access to ECBs
  • Convenient TPFDF debugging
  • Terminal recording, playback, and logging
  • Isolation of data and programs

TPF/GI is an invaluable tool, which guarantees seamless GUI testing and debugging for C, C++, Assembler and SabreTalk. 

TPF/GI’s graphical, interactive test facilities reduced training time, improves TPF application quality, and saves hundreds of programmer hours a week compared to command-line tools.

Features & Benefits 
Features and Benefits 
  • Simple-to use GUI 
  • Seamless Source Level Debugging 
  • Terminal Recording, playback and Logging
  • Allows Data and Program Isolation 
  • Easy to customize 
  • Graphical ECB Window 
  • Context-Sensitive Help and Tooltips 
  • Intuitively use of colors to communicate the code/condition changes   to programmers 
  • Sophisticated Mapped Block Editing 
  • TPGDF Debugging 
  • Reduced Resource Utilization
  • Strict Diagnostic and Quality Checking 
  • Interpretive Macro & Instruction Trace Facility
  • Trace Output Viewer and Program Flow Analysis 
  • Trace across multiple systems, CPCs, I-Streams, sub-systems and sub-system users
  • Easy transition from command-line to GUI with GI Console window
  • Variable windows with editing and automatic update across steps
  • CC++ watch expression window with support for non-local variables and multi-variable expressions
  • Assembler expression facility with SabreTalk support
  • User Tools API
  • Scripting with VBScript and Jscript 
  • Easy, Detailed Access to System Information 
  • Visual log for maintaining a GUI audit trail
  • DECB support for graphical manipulation of user-defined data levels
Click here to download the complete feature list of the TPF/GI in PDF/Flash Paper format

Testimonials View all

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    TPF/GI I like having all of the information about Data Levels and Variables one click away.

    IT Engineer,

    United States, Travelport .

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    TPF/GI - It's great because once you get the hang of it you have a way to see variables and specific data elements as you trace. Very helpful with troubleshooting / debugging problems.

    IT Lead,

    United States, Travelport .

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    I like TPG/GI because the colors are so beautiful. When I feel down and depressed, which happens often in this stressful industry, only I have to do in start up my TPF/GI session and run a few traces and source views. The beautiful colors of the ECB displays just calm me down and make me feel that all is right with the world. I just wish that there was some way to add aromatherapy to TPF/GI!

    Sr. Systems Engineer,

    United Kingdom, InterContinental Hotels Group .