Code Stepping with zTPFGI

June 15, 2016 | Issue No - 40.0

Code Stepping allows the developers to navigate through the source codes in steps, wherein the step refers either to an execution of a single line of source code or a machine instruction in any type of a program. There are many ways to navigate through the source codes in the debugger. zTPFGI's Debug menu provides the following four, different step actions - Step Into, Step Through, Step Out and Step Into New ECB, to control the method of stepping through the source codes. Step actions enable the user to better debug the code instruction by instruction or based on the conditions required.

Some of the key benefits of this feature are the following.

  • Provides quicker stepping through the codes
  • Offers more efficient debugging of programs (C and Assemblers)
  • Provides the ability to stop execution at a particular line of code to investigate that line of code for problems with ease
  • Helps to better understand the code execution flow
  • Enables developers to easily step out of programs to the previous calling program

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