Source Scan in zTPFGI

October 26, 2016 | Issue No - 44.0
zTPFGI features the Source Scan: a code checking tool that scans source code to analyse whether the code adheres to the rules of coding standards or not. The manual enforcement of rules in the coding standards in any organization is more time-consuming and unreliable due to following reasons: (1) there are so many rules in the coding standards that it is difficult for anyone to remember them all, and (2) some case-sensitive rules demand several file checks that are very difficult for even the most careful person to catch manually. To overcome these problems, we have developed this source scan feature for automated enforcement of coding standards in TPF development environment.
Some of the key features of this Source Scan include:  
  • Automatically enforce the coding standards in code development, promoting work efficiency
  • Reduce the formal code review time considerably
  • Enable easy maintainability of code by developers
The source scan will find each instance where the code does not adhere to the coding rules defined by the organization and then report the code violations either as errors or warnings, based on the organization’s preference.
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