Resolution/KB is a web-based, knowledge base application for tracking issues throughout the enterprise.

Features of Resolution/KB ™

  • Browser-based access
  • Support for multiple products
  • Ability to add ongoing comments for each issue
  • Automatic e-mail notifications when comments are added to issues, and when the status and other properties of an issue are modified. For more details, refer the below Figure 1.

Figure 1: Automated Email Alert Screen

  • Ability to upload images and attachments
  • Search capabilities
  • Informative search listings for matching issues as shown in figure 2.

Figure 2 Resolution/KB – Search Window

  • Issue Types
  • Provide WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editing feature for issue description and comment as shown in Figure 3.

Figure 3 WYSIWYG Editor

  • User Access defined per product
  • Ability to define multiple organizations
  • Multiple levels of user access rights
  • Default levels of access
  • Self-signup
  • Administrator-only comments
  • Issue assignment
  • Multiple issue resolutions

For more information about Resolution/KB’s features, click here.

Resolution/KB is a web-based application, which allows software organizations to track and resolve issues associated with software development in a corporate environment.

The user role and role privileges are defined, and the user with defined roles – Administrators, developers, and end users can log in to the Resolution/KB to report issues about the products, update issues, or search the knowledge base of issues and responses to find out the information about the known problems and their resolutions.
Resolution/KB offers the following benefits.
  • Creates better relationships between developers and software administrators
  • Fosters increased accountability for developers
  • Allows better targeting of new features in applications
  • Increases productivity by providing an easier way to keep track of issues and problems
  • Enables collaboration with other departments and organizations, and
  • Offers easy product administration
Resolution/KB offers the following benefits.
  • Increased productivity - Serves as a knowledge base for issues to enable the developers to record how they solved a problem or why they decided not to implement a feature. This reduces the amount of time developers have to spend answering the same questions.
  • Better relationship with end users - Automated e-mails, containing full information about each issue, ensure that developers are kept up-to-date about user problems, wishes, and questions, and make it easy for developers to respond by indicating that they are working on the problem or by requesting more information. This responsiveness increases end-user satisfaction.
  • Increased accountability for developers - Resolution/KB’s automated e-mails also ensure that administrators are kept up-to-date about the progress of issue resolution. This allows them to keep developers on track, increasing the speed at which product defects are fixed, and giving administrators another source of information about whether projects are on schedule.
  • Easier collaboration with other organizations - Provides multiple levels of access such as per-product access and allows to delegate administration of the other company’s users to the other company’s administrators.
  • Better targeting of new features in applications.
  • Easy product administration via web-based interface.

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