Technology in the aviation industry is continuously evolving and smart airline service providers drive this change and upgrade conventional systems and deliver more innovative solutions. Airlines need to be connected with the digital customer to satisfy their demands, stay ahead of the game and increase their top line and bottom line. TSI is geared to be the partner of airlines and give them this competitive advantage in the digital era.

We have 32 years of domain knowledge and expertise that is mapped into our keen sense of current digital trends providing an enhanced experience for airline customers that very few can match. We engage with our airline customers to identify business problems early and design solutions that are ideally suited to their business model. We have a broad range of services and products that address all areas of key business operations.

We have provided solutions to all sizes and business models in the airline industry and therefore can address all your requirements.

TSI provides PSS services in the area of Reservation, Inventory, Fares, Ancillary Fees, Departure Control and Central Customer Management and hence cover the entire spectrum of airline processes. We can provide a rich API portfolio that is fully NDC compliant along with DCS functions providing rapid connectivity to content providers, consumers and trade partners. We can provide PSS solutions that have the following features:
  • Customer Profiling
  • Our solutions are built around customer profiles, service history that have value to the airline rather than simply accumulating traditional PNR records as in traditional legacy systems.
  • Distribution Coverage
  • Our solutions support the entire range of distribution models, ranging from traditional GDS based to direct connect.
  • API’s
  • We have an extensive set of APIs that enable content distribution to any channel websites, to GDS’s, to mobile devices, kiosks and any other direct connect partners.
  • NDC Compliant
  • NDC allows airlines to directly control content and delivery of travel products so that you receive, process and respond to requests from any source – OTA’s, GDS’s alliance partners and third party ancillary service providers.
  • Disruption Management Tools
  • Disruptions are effectively managed through customer value-based passenger movement to alternate flights.
Flight Operations
TSI can provide solutions to small, medium and chartered airlines for coordinating and managing flight scheduling and flight operations, resulting in cost effectiveness through consistency and coordination. Our solution will prove to be very helpful to all departments, such as the commercial, operations, crew, technical maintenance and finance departments of an airline to collect and forward data to other departments for further processing or monitoring.

Our solution would provide the airline with the ability to recover from unforeseen disruptions and provide seamless updating of aircraft movements to other core systems. We also ensure compliance with operational and crew regulations, union rules and company rules, along with other operating constraints avoiding compliance failures providing alerts regarding FDTR rules violations, reducing operational impact.

Fleet and Crew Management
We provide solutions for fleet and crew management by employing digital technologies optimizing resources, assets & costs that support changing business models. Serving the market for over 32 years, we can conform to industry driven requirements arising from CGI forums (Core Group of Influence) consisting of select airlines. Our digital solutions allow device independence & remote accessibility with faster adoption of business and technology changes.

TSI with its 32 years of Airline background is well equipped to provide solutions in MRO, an area that is governed by complex processes, requirements and protocols focused not only on reducing overhaul times but also improving product reliability. Airlines will find that MRO service providers invest in regulatory compliance and system maintenance that increase costs in proportion to their relevant operational costs.

TSI can provide airline maintenance and engineering software solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of airline Continuing Airworthiness Management Organisation (CAMO) and third party Maintenance Repair and Overhaul (MRO) business. With our rich experience we can provide best-in-class business processes that help maintenance and engineering facilities realize a considerable reduction in overall maintenance costs whilst observing regulatory compliances.
The challenges that most airlines face in MRO area are in form of uncertainty in fuel prices, demand, material costs and availability of skilled labour. Additionally this area is governed by strict regulatory compliance requirements. Ensuring airworthiness compliance is critical and requires smart solutions and technology with a deep understanding of this domain. Management of expanding fleet sizes, shorter turn around times and on-time dispatch reliability calls for the deployment of digital solutions that improve processes and optimize asset utilization while keeping operating costs under control.

TSI with its rich experience and digital expertise can provide enhanced business process functionality for achieving technical, operational and commercial efficiencies aspects whilst adhering to industry regulations. TSI can assist MRO Shops to efficiently manage the aircraft maintenance, repair and overhaul process by optimizing inventory investments and improving turnaround times. TSI would ensure compliance with various regulatory authorities such as Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the Joint Aviation Authorities (JAA), the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and the Civil Aviation of China (CAAC).

Cargo business has increased several fold over the years and so has the number of aircraft deployed as cargo carriers. Technology is therefore important to keep pace with such exponential growth. TSI can provide cargo management solution that help service providers of any size keep up with real time freight demands and ensure that their cargo makes it to the right place at the right time.

Our solution can manage all aspects of Capacity Management, Allotment Management, Pricing, and Sales. This helps airlines maximize the revenue earned from the cargo being uplifted on a flight.

Our Solutions would support emerging industry best practices such as e-freight/e-AWB and Cargo 2000 quality management processes and provide enterprise mobility, electronic workflow enablement, real time shipment monitoring leading to better productivity and increased customer satisfaction.

Loyalty Management
TSI can provide Loyalty Management Systems for airlines, hotels, railways, retail and cruise. through setting up business rules, partner management and billing, day to day operational aspects, month-end financial accounting and liability reporting. We also ensure that it is capable of monitoring your customers across channels with a “single customer record” strategy.
We also ensure support for diverse requirements such as FFP, Coalition Programs, SME and Corporate programs and various other models. Our solutions can manage multiple program ecosystems and allow personalized communication and campaigns to reach out to customers and achieve better ROI providing multi-channel touch points to connect members and partners. It supports strategic decision making with data-based predictive and prescriptive analysis and is compliant with major airline coalitions.

Airline Staff Travel
Airline Staff travel involves significant costs and is resource intensive. Staff travel management is decentralized and this complicates matters in most large airlines when travel policies change. Effective management of staff travel is also a key element in the employee motivation and retention strategy for any airline. TSI can provide Staff Travel Management Solutions that provide a simplified, self-serviced online environment with 'booking anytime from anywhere' facility. This will reduce staff travel administrative costs and lead time for processing requests significantly.
TSI’s solution can also handle leisure travel and duty travel bookings on own airline & i-ET (Interline e-ticketing) with a comprehensive rules manager that can not only manage complex staff travel policies and interline agreements but also integrate seamlessly with other airline systems like reservation systems (ticketless and e-ticket enabled), HRMS, payment gateways etc

TSI can provide Airport solutions to handle operational challenges that arise out of rapid growth that result in an ever increasing number of passengers, flights, cargo etc. We furnish the right information at the right time helping in better anticipation and management of disruptions and achieving greater efficiency. This is done through effective use of technology that not only enhances the efficiency of operations at airports but also the quality of service.

We provide improved situational awareness and resource utilization maximising capacity & service while reducing both emissions & operating costs.

We provide solutions for airport management, passenger relationship management, departure control systems & airport cargo management through innovative mobility and passenger interaction technologies., TSI can thus help make your airport operations smarter. Our solutions create a superior device agnostic machine-to-human interface tailored to an airport's specific needs and brand requirements. Airports can benefit from proper feedback management and real-time access to data to proactively address passenger pain points.

We can provide comprehensive digital solutions for a diverse range of ecosystems within airports from freight systems to terminal operations. Our applications can help to plan, manage and track flights, airport resource allocation and usage from the initial schedule planning stage through to billing. This will enable effective real-time management of airport resources allowing more flights to operate with shorter turn-around times and providing a centralized view of data from disparate sources for clear situational analysis. This makes way for a faster and more accurate airline invoicing to manage cash flows.

Airport Operations
TSI oan provide solutions to plan, manage and track flights, airport resource allocation and usage from the initial schedule planning stage through to billing enabling effective real-time management of airport resources allowing more flights to operate with shorter turn-around times.

Some of the features we can provide:
  • A common, shared infrastructure which integrates a range of application modules in the airport and has a central database that allows real-time data visualization and historical comparison and also enables seamless integration with third party systems.
  • Billing management solution that provides accurate data about usage of airport resources that makes airline billing easy. Additionally a validation engine assists users in identifying and correcting erroneous billing data.
  • Effective utilization of Terminals, Runways, Gates, Stands, Check-in desks and Baggage reclaim through automated resource allocation at the planned times.
  • Decoding of electronic messages from airlines and other airport stakeholders with minimal manual intervention.
  • Accurate projections on flight turn around times that improves collaboration between airports to maximize capacity and reduce emission and operating cost.

Passenger Relationship Management
TSI can provide Airport Passenger Relationship Management solutions to continuously improve passenger experience. With ever-increasing expectations from passengers and travelers, the lack of insight into passenger feedback can lead to insufficient and / or delayed action causing inconvenience to passengers, reducing service quality and revenue opportunities in the form of airport shopping and F&B.

Our Airport solutions encompass digital experiences for passengers including a digital kiosk platform, feedback management and interactive mobile solutions with real-time feedback engine that can be seamlessly integrated with existing channels like websites/portals, mobile apps, social media, IVRS, and kiosks.

Our Digital practice comprises of the best designers, technologists, and experts to help airports design the right experience, on the right device, using the right technologies and platforms to enhance passenger delight.

Departure Control Systems
TSI can provide Departure Control Systems, that automate all key processes with extensive use of self-service options such as kiosks, seamless check-ins and web-based check-ins.
We can reduce operational cost by automating time-consuming critical processes. We ensure that Self-service Options provide improved customer service with extensive use of self-service options. This will also reduce training costs and employee replacement costs.

Airport Cargo
TSI can provide Cargo Terminal Operations systems that automate all ground handler processes at airports enhancing profitability and revenue optimization.

Our ground handling solution will address the functional requirements of both airlines handling their own shipments at self-handled facilities as well as ground handling agents that provide specific cargo handling facilities to carriers.

Our solutions will support multi-airport operations and multi-warehouse operations, which makes it possible for multiple airports to be connected to one central system whilst the data is aggregated in one logical database. It also facilitates sharing of mission critical data such as flight manifests, shipment information, tariffs, and industry standard rules across airports, thus minimizing data capture and inconsistencies.