Financial Services

Cards and Payments is considered to be one of the most dynamic segments of the financial services landscape, driven by factors such as
  • Consumer and merchant preferences
  • Fraud Management
  • Rapid advancement in technology
  • Emerging payment models
  • Evolving Regulations
Our deep domain expertise results from our experience across the value chain - issuers, acquirers, networks and processors; and from our strengths across multiple domains - merchant services, loyalty, compliance, fraud management and financial cryptography.

With changes in compliance, competition and consumer needs, the business landscape is more complex than ever. This new world of remote transactions and interactions calls for new strategies and new technologies to maximize growth and improve profitability. We bring over 8+ years of experience of supporting various mission critical applications of leading card issuers and help them achieve their goals of quality customer experience with obvious cost advantages and continuous process improvement.

Cards and Payments practice in TPF Software has been working with some of the biggest names in the payment industry and has earned vast expertise in the following areas.
  • Credit Authorization - Authorization of credit depends on complex business logic based on real-time information on the transaction, consumer and merchant
  • Financial Cryptography - Securing data before, during and after a financial transaction. The service providers have to comply with latest government regulations and keep up with the evolving cryptographic standards
  • ATM and Funds movement - Cash dispensing, Pin management and Money movement
  • Risk & Fraud Management - The increasing sophistication of fraudulent attacks against card issuers and consumers have led to dynamic Risk and fraud management systems
  • EMV & Contact-less Products - Rolling out card products that are high on security features and also convenient to use for Consumers