One of the biggest South East Asian Railway Systems used to perform day to day business functionalists like Ticketing, Cash-drawer and point-of-sale outside of their reservation system.These functions were performed at individual work stations either in the ticketing window or self-service terminals or via web-bookings and the transactions triggered from all these channels were routed via paths external to the reservations system and reconciled at the end-of-business day through a manual process.

This had limitations when the business wanted to sell the tickets through any 3rd party or B2B channels. Moreover, When the business intended to expand to other new ticketing channels, they encountered portability & role definition issues.

TPF Software was engaged to provide a centralized solution to modernize the Railway passenger service system, providing a complete Ticketing, Cash Drawer & Point-of-sale functionality on the current reservation system and made few more enhancements to meet the business requirements.

This not only made the entire day on day process faster but also more efficient.

Solution overview:

The customer required a generic solution to enhance their existing ticketing and point of  sale functionalists to overcome the above mentioned issues.

The TPF Software project team did a diligent analysis of the AS-IS system and identified the functional gaps that were the key to overcome the above mentioned issues. Based on this analysis, the solution was categorized into providing solution for the following requirements:

  • To implement the capability to Automatically  Open/Close cash drawers of unmanned ticketing and point of sale channels like Ticket vending machines (TVM) , Internet reservation system (IRS), Interactive voice reservation (IVR) etc.
  • Implement a Electronic ticket database with in the reservation system that can be handed-off to the Enterprise application interface that interacted with the different reservation channels.
  • Ticket data transfer to Financial and revenue management sub systems for Revenue management and accounting.
  • Nightly file maintenance capabilities to optimize utilization of in-house ticket Database