Insight into TPF Software


TPF Software Inc. (TSI) is an Information Technology company founded in 1986 that pioneered development of products based on IBM's TPF and z/OS technologies that are used by several fortune 500 companies. In 2005, TSI entered into IT services starting with the legacy technologies and evolved into open systems and testing services. Key services include IT Consulting, Application Development and Maintenance (ADM), Legacy and z/TPF Migration, Systems Integration, Global Delivery and Testing. We have direct staff of over 150 spread across offices in the USA, India and New Zealand, and with tremendous flexibility to ramp-up resources through strategic alliances.

TPF Software (India) is an ISO 9001:2008 Certified Company

TSI has provided services to domains like travel and transportation, hospitality, banking and finance. With our in-depth knowledge of these business domains and an expertise in the relevant technologies, we are able to offer fully integrated end-to-end managed services, technical training, and products and tools for developing applications for these industries. The result is excellent service quality and service levels to our clients businesses.

Key Strengths :
  • 30 year in IT Products, Services and Delivery
  • 750+ person years of Application Delivery & Maintenance and IT Consulting
  • Proven global delivery with a strong offshore presence in India
  • Excellence in product development, application development, testing and project management
  • Service capability in mainframe platforms e.g. Assembler, COBOL,C++, DB2, VSAM, QIK
  • Development and programming experience in open systems using OOP-based technologies like Java, .NET, n-tier architecture and databases
  • Pioneers in training in TPF, z/TPF, C/C++, QIK and other technologies
The vision of TSI is to achieve excellence by helping clients to achieve their business goals in a consistent manner. Our presence in multiple locations around the world enables our clients to take advantage of the dedicated service 24 hours a day, every day of the year.