About our TPF Education services

TPF Software offers a comprehensive TPF education service and has developed proprietary training courses for TPF platform and related technologies. Over 700 TPF/ALCS Programmers worldwide have been trained by our instructors. TPFS provides training using its own products and environment which makes us a unique shop with in-house training environment. [Leaflet - Download]

Training Capabilities

TPF Software has a proven track record of training a number of TPF professionals worldwide. Some of the salient features of our training are as follows:
  • One of the very few professional TPF Education providers in the world.
  • Training courses have been conducted worldwide in USA, Singapore, Middle East, Taiwan and India.
  • Can provide TPF training course tailored to meet every customer's expectation
  • Training is imparted by highly experienced practicing TPF professionals.
  • Our instructors are kept updated on the latest technical knowhow of TPF
  • Our instructors have trained over 500 participants in basic and advanced courses in TPF.
  • Our courses and tutors stress on hands-on learning.
  • Target client specific nomenclature, conventions, usages etc are taught during the training.
  • Training courses include focus on special features or usages, common usages, exception usages.
  • Training is delivered using TPFS's own mainframe - hence customer does not require a training environment. However, the training can be conducted at the customer location using the customer's system as well.
  • Our courses include exercises from real world domains such as airlines, cards and hotel systems that would help the students in familiarizing the domain.
  • We combine technical courses along with business domain training so that the trainees can relate the technology to application processing.
  • Our course contents are flexible and so are our trainers. This makes us easy to package the course contents as per the needs of the target audience.
Summary of some of the recent training sessions:

List of Courses Offered:
zTPF Courses
  • IBM z-Architecture Introduction
  • zTPF Operating System
  • s/390 and 64 bit Assembly Language
  • zTPFDF and Structured Programming Macros
  • TPF C/C++ Programming
  • zTPF / zTPFDF Dump Solving
Advanced TPF Courses
  • TPF / TPFDF / zTPFDF Database Design / Administration
  • Application Packaging for zTPF
  • Leveraging SOA and XML on TPF
  • TPF C/C++ Dump solving
  • zTPF for operations / operators


  • Introduction to Airline Business
  • Introduction to Hotel Reservation Systems
  • Training in Soft Skills
  • Introduction to Industry standard Quality Processes
  • SDLC Training

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