zDVI is a simple-to-use, intuitive, GUI interface, which improves the efficiency when analyzing the dumps in the z/OS environment. This tool enables the z/OS programmers to quickly assess the dump information with only a few steps.

Here is the highlight of top features of this product: zDVI

  • Provides easy access to critical dump information at the first glance
  • Allows quick dump analysis
  • Logical Organization of Dump data
  • Multiple Dump Browsing Capabilities
  • Easy Navigation to move through the dump
  • Easy to install and customize
  • Consumes less CPU cycles
  • Secure access via RACF
zDVI combines all the functionalities of user-friendly, web-based dump analysis tool, along with the industry familiar command interface. Logical grouping of dumps provides easy access to critical dump details, without requiring the end users to memorize long commands and sub-commands for accessing the dumps in the z/OS Systems.

It supports visualization of dump data in a more organized way, within the limited display area of the user’s screen, thus making the problem detection extremely easy.

zDVI is fully customizable based on the specific needs, and very easy to learn and implement.
  • Comprehensive, simple-to-use GUI dump analysis tool for z/OS programmers
  • Provides quick access to dump information
  • Provides easy-to-read dump snapshots
  • Displays logical groups of dump data in logical groups
  • Point-and-shoot system status gives quick snapshots of dumps
  • Allows management of dump DSN index using simple Add, Browse & Delete functions
  • Displays Address Spaces, Core Blocks, Dump Storage and so on
  • Ability to categorize the traces into tabs
  • Built-in command interface
  • Enhanced Memory Contents View
Key Benefits
  • Save analysis time and effort, resulting in significant cost-savings and enhanced productivity
  • Provide easy accessibility to critical dump information
  • Comprehensive Report Generation for Dump Information
  • Easy To Install, Configure and Maintain
  • User-friendly interface for both experienced and novice users
  • Minimizes CPU Utilization
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Introducing the zDVI

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