zIDE Pro

zIDE Pro is a legacy–friendly development and management tool for z/OS applications that works with existing host-based processes and which increases efficiency by employing the latest graphical user interface standards.

The emphasis in zIDE Pro is on powerful features that are easy to use and that just make sense to z/OS developers — and which don't require shops to completely revamp their processes to benefit.

zIDE Pro uses the Microsoft Office Fluent Interface® standards to provide a modern PC editing environment with copy, cut and paste, syntax highlighting, find and replace, and PC–style editing conventions that will be familiar to developers.

The zIDE Pro boasts an ISPF/XEDIT–like command prefix feature, which allows developers to type a subset of XEDIT commands over line numbers to perform editing functions.

Remote host files are automatically downloaded when opened and automatically uploaded when saved.

Developers can compile or build at the click of button. Errors displayed in output can be double clicked to open the source file at the offending line. It supports the host file views, client views, and projects.

Some of the prominent features of this tool include:

zIDE Pro
  • Legacy friendly – works with existing mainframe processes
  • Uses latest GUI Standards – Microsoft Office Fluent Interface ® Standards to provide a modern editing environment
  • Supports ISPF/XEDIT-like Editor function supported
  • Easy interpretation and navigation to errors/warning
  • File Compare utility to compare any two files side-by-side
  • Automatic file backup
  • Powerful Search for strings in z/OS datasets, USS file system, z/Linux directories, and more; double click search results to view/edit file XEDIT-like command prefix feature
zIDE Pro is a legacy-friendly, development and management Too for web-based applications running in z/OS, z/Linux and z/VM platform.  

Some of the key aspects include:
  • Modern GUI source code editor - Includes all the features expected in a modern text editor, syntax highlighting, language help, code outline; Allows editing via ISPF/XEDIT–like commands
  • Easy interpretation and navigation to errors and warnings
  • File Compare utility to compare any two files side-by-side
  • Automatic file backup
  • Powerful Search for strings in z/OS datasets, USS file system, z/Linux directories, and more
  • Microsoft Office Fluent Interface® standards
  • Multi-Platform Compile, Build — Easily switch between platforms; Single-click Compile, Build, Load; Click on compile error to go to errant line
  • Simple Multi-Server Management — Access multiple hosts & PC; Allows for transparent download when files opened & upload when saved; Support for projects; Automatic file backup
  • Source Editor — Browse, open, edit and save files, from z/Linux, Windows, z/VM and z/OS;ISPF/XEDIT-like Editor commands supported; File Compare Utility; Apply syntax highlighting; Enable Binary File Editing
  • Library View — Interface with any source control management software to get, edit, and promote source
  • Powerful Search — Search for specific file names or within multiple files. Search for strings in z/OS datasets, USS file system, z/Linux directories, MVS and more; Double-click search results to go to line in source file
  • Context-Sensitive Language Help — Click F1 for help with Assembler, C, C++, Cobol, and more
  • Create, Modify, Compress, Delete datasets
  • z/Linux Terminal Emulation
  • Ability to Look at JES2/3 Jobs

Key Benefits
  • Saves coding time - More familiar GUI interface, especially for newer programmers; ISPF/XEDIT-like commands ease transition of power users; Easier to detect errors while coding; Efficient, intuitive compile/load/build process (buttons)
  • Saves training time - Works like other Windows applications
  • Promotes quality/standards - Middleware component allows to promote company standards and procedures
Here, you will find a range of free supplementary materials for zIDE Pro, including PowerPoint presentations, brochures, tips & tricks, videos and more. These materials are downloadable files, and have been arranged by categories below for quick access to the new information and to learn more about zTPFGI. Click the resource title you want to see and the page will refresh, displaying the contents of that resource in a new window.
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