zIDETM is an integrated development environment for z/OS system programmers, which provides comprehensive facilities- authoring, compiling, editing, building, and debugging for different hosts such as z/OS, z/VM, z/LINUX etc., so as to offer a richer code editing experience, which in turn maximizes the programmers’ productivity.

This tool allows the programmers to upload and download the source files in any programming languages, editing the codes with a graphical user interface, and compiling or building the source files, without the need to purchase any expensive components and to completely change the way they do things.

The key features of the zIDE include:

  • Simple-to-use GUI
  • Runs in Windows platform
  • Functions as GUI Editor used for advanced programming languages
  • Facilitates easy transition of developers to z/OS environments
  • Increases production efficiency of existing software developers
  • Provides the capabilities to List, View, Edit and Save files for z/OS Systems
  • Windows style editing with color syntax highlighting
  • TALM library Interface support
  • Allow interfacing with existing Library systems to enable users to retrieve/save programs from / to library

zIDE is the integrated development environment for z/OS programmers. This software provides a graphical interface to edit, save, compile and build files for different hosts such as z/OS, z/VM, z/LINUX and so on. It uses a modern PC editing environment with copy, cut and paste actions, syntax highlighting, search, and PC– style editing conventions that are familiar to z/OS programmers.

The prominent features and benefits of zIDE include the following:

  • Modern PC Editing Environment
  • Multi-Platform Compile, Build — Easily switch between platforms; Single-click Compile, Build,
  • Load. Click on compile error to go to errant line
  • Simple Multi-Server Management
  • Source Editor — Browse, open, edit and save files, from z/Linux, Windows, z/VM and z/OS
  • Library View — Interface with any source control management software to get, edit, and promote source
  • Automatic file backup
  • Support for Projects
  • Syntax highlighting to detect typographical errors
  • z/Linux terminal emulation
  • Ability to look at JES2 jobs
  • Drag and drop ability to transfer files to/from different project folders or PC
  • Powerful Search of z/OS datasets, USS file system, z/Linux directories, and files locally
  • Context-sensitive language help — Click F1 for help with Assembler, C, C++, Cobol, and more 
You can find out more about zIDE by looking at these resources:

To view the zIDE presentation, click the download link for getting a quick glance on the vital information on the key features & benefits of the zIDE.

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Introducing the zIDE

Brochures :-
To view the zIDE leaflet, click the download link for getting a quick glance on the vital information on the key functionality of the zIDE.

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    zIDE has certainly changed the way I code. Being a developer who uses advanced IDE's such as eclipse and Visual Studio, it?s great to be able to use an Editor that behaves similarly.

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    United States, Leading Airline .