zAutomation is the best, integrated resource management solution to optimize the resource usage in the z/TPF development environment. Our meaningful innovations in VPARS availability make resource usage smarter and development/testing more efficient, saving time, effort, and expense.

It automatically allocates VPARS on-demand from VPARS pools and brings up the VPARS for private or shared use. This makes it possible for every user to be allocated a private VPARS.

zAutomationzAutomation is easy to customize & understand, and simple to use. This means that the end users (e.g. Developers, Test System Managers, and Regression Testers) do not need to know how to bring up a VPARS. All the user needs to do is to click the connect button to select a VPARS. This will cause the VPARS to be automatically logged on, IPL’d and brought to NORM state ready for use. This also reduces the chance of user errors.

The notable features of the zAutomation include:
  • Save VM CPU cycles because Private VPARS are put to sleep when not in use.
  • Enable fast VPARS allocation as specified numbers of VPARS in the pool are always kept ready for dispatch.
  • Serve as a very useful component when automating the regression testing process.

zAutomation is a VM-based, resource manager, which automatically brings up the VPARS machines remotely in an efficient and effective way. It forms a part of zTPFGI suite of products and it is VM based.

This product eliminates the need for the end users to be acquainted with the process knowledge of bringing up a VPARS.

  • Configured to Monitor both SHARED and POOL VPARS
  • Constantly checks VPARS status in the POOL file and takes relevant action like bringing up stand by VPARS

The prominent features and benefits of zAutomation include the following:

  • Automatically allocate VPARS on-demand from VPARS pools for private or shared usage
  • Customizable via easy to understand, centralized configuration files
  • VPARS is automatically logged on, IPL’d and and brought to NORM state
  • Reduces user error
  • Saves CPU resources — private VPARS are put to sleep when not in use
  • Fast On-Demand allocation — ready-to-dispatch VPARS are kept in pool for quick allocation
  • Suitable when automating other processes, such as regression testing


Here, you will find a range of free supplementary materials for zAutomation, including PowerPoint presentations, brochures, tips & tricks, videos and more. These materials are downloadable files, and have been arranged by categories below for quick access to the new information and to learn more about zTPFGI. Click the resource title you want to see and the page will refresh, displaying the contents of that resource in a new window.
  • zAutomation Overview Presentation
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