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The zTPFGI Suite is a true end-to-end solution for coding, testing, debugging, analyzing, and fine-tuning your z/TPF applications. This product design bases on a client-server architecture, wherein the presentation (client) is on the PC running Microsoft Windows and the servers are a combination of z/VM, z/LINUX and z/TPF.

The z/TPF Challenge:

The advent of z/TPF has increased the potential of TPF applications, but it has also multiplied the complexity of development. Fortunately, the zTPFGI Suite provides a framework of tools that helps not just developers, but the entire organization, handle this new complexity while boosting productivity.

zTPFGI Suite is built upon the proven products for TPF application development, like TPF/GI and TPF/IDE. It provides a look and feel that is similar to the ease of use of these products, but moves away from the simulated TPF environment provided by those products and instead runs on real z/TPF.

zTPFGI Suite includes:

  • Integrated IDE & Debugger: Edit, compile, build, load SOs or programs; debug at source & ECB levels; Includes text & binary editors, file compare tool, language-based help.
  • Terminal Emulation: Employ ALC, LOC 3270, zLinux, z/TPF, and VM terminals.
  • Loadsets: Activate loadsets selectively & system-wide; share loadsets, SOs & members.
  • DF Insight: Inspect & Edit TPFDF during debugging.
  • Projects: Customizable project support.
  • Add-Ins: Embed SCMs & other web-based tools.
  • Message Run: Execute files of input commands; faster QA/testing setup.
  • Performance Analysis: Record, analyze & compare transaction data.
  • Asynchronous Trace: Intercept & debug messages from outside of zTPFGI.
  • Logging Tools: Log, annotate, & share data; log terminal I/O; log & analyze trace output; capture ECB activity & screenshots with Visual Log.
  • System-Wide Logger: Collect system statistics & debugging information.
  • Regression Test Facility: Promote Quality Assurance with integration, regression & volume testing.
  • Dump Viewer: View details of ECB dumps, including call stacks, registers, core blocks, macro trace back tables, heap maps and more in an intuitive GUI interface.
  • Quality Assurance (QA) Testing: This tool increases efficiency when running quality assurance tests on products.
  • Connectivity: Connect developers to remote systems & resources.
  • Resource Management: The resource manager ensures that each programmer is provided with resources when required, while the unused resources not put to sleep state.

zTPFGI is a GUI-based comprehensive test management system for z/TPF applications and systems programs in a z/TPF environment. The core components that make up the suite are a z/TPF debugger and resource handler, an IDE, a tool for navigating and editing TPF/DF (DF Explorer), a performance analyzer (zTREX), and Regression Test Facility (zRTF).

It provides the capabilities to browse and edit the source files in the code editor window, allows to author, compile and build the z/TPF shared objects (SOs) and/or programs, and the finally load these SOs or programs to a z/TPF system for testing and debugging purpose.

The prominent features and benefits of zTPFGI Suite include the following:

  • Easy to Use, Administer and Customize.
  • Real z/TPF Debugger - Runs on “real” z/TPF, not requiring an emulator.
  • Fully Integrated Development - Integration of the IDE and debugger means that developers can edit, rebuild, reload, set breakpoints and Source View trace all in the same workspace, enhancing flow and productivity.
  • Modernized Graphical User Interface - Utilizes Microsoft Office Fluent User Interface (“Ribbon”) standards and enables experienced administrators to leverage their existing knowledge.
  • Execution count for each Instruction in Source view trace.
  • Record Hold Table view for particular file address, Record ID by both System Level & ECB Level.
  • End-to-End Testing and Debugging Solution - Combines a set of tools for the entire development lifecycle, including zAutomation for VPARS Automation, zRTF for Regression Testing, zTREX for Transaction data recording and analysis and zTTFS for virtual connectivity, Asynchronous Trace and System-Wide Logger.
  • Easy Monitoring.
  • Easy to use Load Capability.
  • Powerful Source Level Tracing.
  • Excellent Support - Hands-on support tailored to customer needs with specialized support staff and developers.

Here, you will find a range of free supplementary materials for zTPFGI suite, including PowerPoint presentations, brochures, tips & tricks, videos and more. These materials are downloadable files, and have been arranged by categories below for quick access to the new information and to learn more about zTPFGI. Click the resource title you want to see and the page will refresh, displaying the contents of that resource in a new window. 

  • zTPFGI Overview Presentation
  • zTPFGI Intro Leaflet
  •  What’s New Leaflet

If you would like to get further information about this product,  or would like to suggest any improvements, please email us to productsinfo@tpfsoftware.com.

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    zTPFGI is great for z/Linux or z/TPF related file setups and testing. For .so creation, loads and testing it is a dream. Saves key strokes in not having to sign into Linux (putty), which is a lengthy process.

    IT Project Lead,

    United States, Leading GDS Customer .

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    [TPF Software] have made a very intuitive product - zTPFGI. It proved to be an excellent tool in resolving bugs found in the z/TPF migration effort.

    Director, Technologies Development,

    United States, Leading Financial Customer Services .