zTREX (Transaction Recording and Examination for z/TPF) is an easy-to-use, data recording and analysis tool, which implements several level of analysis (Transaction, ECB and Program/Function levels) to enable the programmers to instantaneously identify the wide range of resource usage of the z/TPF application, and in turn assist the in precisely solving the problems with ease. The information of the resource usage helps in optimizing the resource allocation, and consequently improves the system performance to a great extent.

Besides that, this tool provides easy visualization of the recorded transaction data for analysis, problems/analysis results through the intuitive graphical reporting options - Pie, Bar, and Column charts.

Several Levels of Analysis zTREX

  • zTREX allows performance to be analyzed at several levels.
  • Transaction level - Monitors all the resources used by the transaction; Identifies all the ECBs.
  • ECB level - Monitors all resources used at ECB level; Identify programs and functions.
  • Program level - Monitors all resources used at the program level, including counts of MACRO/SVC used.

zTREX provides comprehensive levels of information about
  • Memory Usage.
  • I/O usage, tape records, pool records.
  • Program usage.
  • Which programs/functions the application calls.
  • Files used.

zTREX allows the programmers to quickly analyze and identify the resource usage of each of the z/TPF applications, diagnose the technical complications or problems in the utilization of the resources, and helps in taking the necessary measures to resolve the problems with ease. This prevents such problems from happening in the production system, and thus greatly boosts the system performance.

The prominent features and benefits of zTREX include the following:

  • Very user-friendly analysis tool.
  • Easy to learn and implement.
  • Provides excellent feedback and analysis capabilities.
  • Provides a quick, easy, meaningful way to identify resource usage by transaction, ECB or Program.
  • Minimal overhead when running the application.
  • Prevents problems from happening on the Production system.
Here, you will find a range of free supplementary materials for zTREX, including PowerPoint presentations, brochures, tips & tricks, videos and more. These materials are downloadable files, and have been arranged by categories below for quick access to the new information and to learn more about zTPFGI. Click the resource title you want to see and the page will refresh, displaying the contents of that resource in a new window.
  • zRTF Overview Presentation
  • zRTF Leaflet

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    Thank you for the tutorials, they were really useful ... zTREX enables us to compare instruction counts and other data between two (or more) different ECBs, and that's exactly what we wanted.

    IT Analyst,

    United States, Leading Airline .