zTTFS (TPF-to-TPF Function Server) allows the TPF programmers to connect the Client VPARS/TPF test systems with Server VPARS/TPF test system.

Why do I need zTTFS?
z/TPF transactions are not simple. They can involve multiple systems and networks. z/TPF programmers who test these transactions need to access data from remote resources to complete their testing. Without zTTFS, programmers must either schedule the remote physical resource (remote link or remote connection) or must test on the single VPARS which has network access.

zTTFSWhat does zTTFS do?
The zTTFS allows programmers to test with remote resources by allowing client z/TPF systems to communicate with server z/ TPF systems, without special scheduling or needing to change test systems.

With zTTFS, the outbound traffic from a client VPARS is routed to the server VPARS to access remote resources required by the transaction. Similarly, the inbound traffic from external resources to the server VPARS can be configured to be routed to any client VPARS. This means that programmers no longer need to compete for systems that have connectivity. zTTFS allows you to share critical network resources across multiple systems so that your z/TPF installation needs fewer VPARS with physical connectivity.

zTTFS acts as a connectivity management tool to control inbound and outbound message traffic across z/TPF systems.

It provides virtual connectivity and enables TPF programmers in test mode to access remote resources. Thus, the TPF allows the programmers to communicate with Server VPARS – which has access to the network, without requiring any special scheduling of the physical resource (Remote Link or Remote Connection), and changing the test systems.

 The prominent features and benefits of zTTFS include the following: 

  • Uses client-server architecture to provide connectivity
  • End-users don’t have to compete for VPARS test systems that have connectivity
  • z/TPF installations with zTTFS can provide N number of client VPARS test systems with unlimited external connectivity, without attaching to any physical network
  • Shares critical network resources available in server VPARS across multiple client VPARS
  • z/TPF installations can operate with fewer VPARS with physical connectivity
  • Eliminates the need to switch remote links or connections between test systems
  • Easy customizable with user APIs, and easy to implement
Here, you will find a range of free supplementary materials for zTTFS, including PowerPoint presentations, brochures, tips & tricks, videos and more. These materials are downloadable files, and have been arranged by categories below for quick access to the new information and to learn more about zTPFGI. Click the resource title you want to see and the page will refresh, displaying the contents of that resource in a new window.
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